Posted by: wjingwong | October 19, 2015

Changes of Journalism

In Chapter 7, page 165 (Kindle edition), there’s a discussion about journalist’s work, about what journalists should keep in mind while doing their work. However, a decision made by WorldPress photojournalism awards juries made everyone think beyond this. As the organization took down Giovanni Troilo’s first prize on Contemporary Issue catalogue, the reason was part of his photos were agains the rule by using flash, and misleading information. The controversy raised after the judge rewrote the photographer’s caption.

But now, as anyone with an social media account can become a news reporter, it raises questions about what audiences should know about photos, or any type of works classified as journalism. Trolio’s award got taken by using flash, which is the most common tool that every photojournalist will use when necessary. And why do the WorldPress draws the line between authentic journalistic work and others.

I think a journalistic moment occurs whether a journalist captures it or not. We all know the journalism standard, and I believe that anyone who’s providing a journalistic information will follow the same basic rule. The journalism world should remain the same, yet the only evolution that is occurring is in the willingness of some journalists, photographers, editors, and contest judges to compromise their standards and our industries ethics.

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