Greetings and welcome!  This blog is the home of the great minds of the students at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication in Portland who are enthusiastically participating in the Strategic Communication and Multimedia Journalism Master’s Programs.  Check back often for their insights and observations!


  1. Looking for a great photo? Check out this site 🙂


    MMMM, my fav!

  2. Interesting experience with SEO. After learning about it in the workshop and starting work on an actual project with Anvil Media, the client turned around and decided they did not need SEO for their new product launch. I think what I learned from this experience is that SEO is not all that well known in the real world, especially not well known in the manufacturing world, where B-to-B relationships are what matter most. The client simply can’t understand why SEO makes sense, and won’t take the time to learn about it.

    We are building in some optimization things in the microsite anyway, but they won’t be nearly as good as a professional job would have been. And so it will be difficult to demonstrate how site visits relate to SEO efforts. Sad result, but good learning experience.

    Steve Weiner

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