Posted by: Nash | October 19, 2015

“Homeland is Racist”: Media Effect

“Outsiders may be shown as crazy, as having ideas and taking action that no sensible person would adopt.” Meditating the Message in the 21st Century.

The series “Homeland” is in its second season and has won many awards and nomination. This by itself could give you a hint on how the series is growing rapidly.

Yet, last week a scandal broke about the graffiti that was written and aired on one of the episodes. I have heard of the “Homeland” series before this scandal, but never really got a chance to watch it. Once I did, it really hit me how biased the show was about Islam and the Arab world. A big-hit series that’s being viewed by millions of people around the world is showing that every is a Muslim and whoever converts to Islam becomes a terrorist. It’s disturbing seeing this terrible stereotype aired over and over again in the media. It can create some kind of hate, or rage towards Islam and Arabs!

Some might be thinking but how is this concerning, it’s entertainment afterall – but entertainment is currently ruling media, it’s what everybody wants to see and talk about and if its portraying an entire culture and religion in such a horrible way, it can effect many viewers into believing its true.

A writer for the Journal of Media Psychology covers this topic and shares some great entertainment examples:

In your opinion, does the media play a big part in creating stereotypes?

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