Posted by: Claudia Amezcua | December 3, 2019

Boeing attempts to save face

Boeing invited a select group of people this week to its plant in Seattle to present its vision to bring back its 737 Max into service after two fatal crashes that killed 346 people.

Earlier this year it was discovered that Boeing hadn’t updated airline companies about the latest features in the popular model. In the new update, the autopilot system that engages at takeoff can encounter an error leaving the pilots powerless in the air.

As a result, Boeing is scrambling to deal with the crisis as it was an error that could have been prevented. (Holtzhausen, D. R., & Roberts, G. F., 2009, p. 167)

In an effort to work pass the issue, the invites who do not include members of the media will visit the plant on Tuesday and Wednesday, the invites who do not include media members will be offered briefings with executives and a visit to the company’s aircraft delivery center, Max production facility in Renton and cover flights and expenses (Josephs, 2019).

The 737 Max airplanes were grounded by the FAA and are now entering its 10th month causing many major airlines hundreds of millions of dollars. 


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