Posted by: tamgalcook | October 19, 2015

New media organizations and how our daily lives are shaped!

Our text book refers to the new media as “new forms of online media were invented and evolved quickly, beginning in the 1980’s, and were referred to collectively as the new media…” so I researched new media. These new media organizations are here to stay and have changed us.

The Urban Dictionary was a fascinating resource; check it out when you get a chance. I digress so here is the top definition for new media:

New media usually refers to a group of relatively recent mass media based on new information technology. Most frequently the label would be understood to include the Internet and World Wide Web, video games and interactive media, CD-ROM and other forms of multimedia popular from the 1990s on. The phrase came to prominence in the 1990s, and is often used by technology writers like those at Wired magazine and by scholars in media studies.
Here is my two cents on new media…it is a buzz word used by many and it shapes our daily lives. I hear it at work: blog, newspaper, tumblelog, wikileaks, reality tv, log on to your twitter account, facebook, media and more. The new media really does dictate our daily routines such as reading the newspaper online rather than in print or even viewing magazines from the iPad rather than purchasing one at the grocery store.  My parents still ready the paper every morning with their coffee then my mom goes on her computer to “surf.”  Sounds crazy but I’m looking forward to the new media organizations of the future!

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