Posted by: karlcd | May 23, 2013

The Low Cost of QR Codes


Mores Code, Bar Codes and QR codes and RFID are all communication tools. They use X and O to communicate, but with any language it takes time to learn and adjust a new communication language. For me QR codes are too complicated and clunky to be worth my time. I can Google something faster and have trust I will find what i am looking for rather than using a QR code to tell me where to go. QR code are useful as short cuts to get to the web, but only if the audience knows where it is going.

What makes QR codes great is that anyone can make one or read one. Already QR codes are being replaced by RFID chips which send out a radio wave and are found in library books, student ID’s and smart phones and can be use to open doors, check out a library book or share a link. While RFID are easy to use they are hard to make and that is why QR codes will still be around in the future. QR codes are limited by their technology but as long as the price is free people will continue to use them.

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