Posted by: jessica | February 24, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

Working on my presentation for the SEO workshop has me to thinking about the power of a first impression. So I googled it (of course) and this is what I found: “it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression, according to recent eye-tracking research conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology. But it takes a little longer—about 2.6 seconds—for a user’s eyes to land on that area of a website that most influences his first impression”.

So, this made me think about my own web browsing tendencies and yes I am quick to judge you for your website. I am willing to meet you but if you intend on developing a relationship with me, you better make a good first impression in under 15 seconds or I will “bounce” right out of your site. Isn’t it interesting that websites live and die on the same Darwinian principals that govern existence- survival of the fittest?


  1. Great analogy. I’m the same way. And if your business does not have a website, I won’t be a customer. For instance, handy men, plumbers and contract workers tend to not have websites and this frustrates me. Yes, I can rely on online reviews, but that doesn’t leave room for a counter argument (longer testimonials) or an example portfolio or a chance for me to judge a business by its website. A simple website is all I request, nothing fancy or too intense.

    I realize such sectors don’t tend to have a website because they don’t see a need. But to that I say times have changed, future is now, and your customer base is evolving without you.

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