Posted by: bahughes13 | February 23, 2012

Looking at the next stage of SEO

I think my brain is going to implode. I had heard of Search Engine Optimization before, but I really never had any idea the depths to which one could seed a site to make it more functional and productive. I know that I’m still not getting all of the tools and techniques to the level that they could be utilized, but at least I now know what I don’t know. Better yet, I can recognize when some new concept just might be important enough to try to figure out.

For instance, this article – – shows what we may face in the future. The author’s point is that new mobile technologies are changing the game, and that Yahoo!, Google and others need to stay ahead of the curve. He’s recommending that the major search engines work together to come up with a standardized system to measure search metrics. In addition, he points out that Yahoo! and others are developing SEO technology that can be shared across platforms. One day you may be able to search for a restaurant on your PC, use your phone’s GPS to guide you there, and use your iPad to place your order.

Now if we can just keep up!


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