Posted by: lmbshepard | February 25, 2012

Will work for SEO

When J624 ends tomorrow I will know enough about search engine optimization to integrate some of the concepts and tools into my work. Besides the practical skills and tools I picked up over the last three weeks,  I also picked up an appreciation of how important it is to pay attention when Google rolls out yet another announcement with a cute name like Panda, Fresh or Kitten  (I made that last one up but it is believable).  Advising city staff on effective web content is a struggle under ideal conditions.Hopefully some of the resources and strategies I picked up over the last three weeks will further my ability to get staff to keep content fresh, dynamic and written in terms a regular person would search for.
I found this Guide to SEO Salaries by Market on Mashable that I thought would the class would find of interest. It lists salaries by market and job title.


  1. This is a REALLY useful inforgraphic. I agree, come Monday my project will be taking a hard, long look at increasing SEO effectiveness. Our website was developed by a large team and I think the focus was so much on copy, we just assumed people would find it. This is not the case and I am eager to add ALT text, mdeta description and more succinct keywords!

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