Posted by: rewrightme | February 18, 2012

SEO stoked

I understand words. I slice them, rearrange them, delete them. I imagine sentences as algebra problems, always assuming there are errors — a way to cut so 14 = 14. I listen for alliteration in spoken word poetry. I turn red when I try to pronounce “rural” — my tongue is too heavy.

I’ve dedicated my life to words, how we communicate and don’t communicate, and to creating quality content. Yet I overlooked search engine optimization. A week after the first of a three-day workshop on SEO/SEM through UO’s journalism department in Portland, Ore., I’m still kicking myself. SEO is a style guide that cannot be ignored.

Here’s a fantastic, condensed visual on the basics of SEO via Search Engine Land. It recaps and adds to what Hallie Janssen, vice president of Anvil Media, shared with us at the workshop. Select the SEO periodic table for the detailed version of the infographic.

A periodic table of SEO ranking factors to consider.


  1. Fantastic graphic! Thanks!!

    • Thanks, Donna. A great touch is the rated ranking (scale of 1-3) they’ve given to each factor.

  2. This workshop has been (for me) like when you learn a new word and then see that word everywhere. It seems like everywhere I look, I’m seeing articles on SEO. This one was interesting because it goes into a bit more depth on the benefits of using google + for optimization.

    Hope it helps…

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