Posted by: Katie Hamachek | February 18, 2012

My Brain is SEOverloaded

When I first started learning about SEO from marketing consultants advising the winery I work for, I had my reservations. I appreciated the theory, but wasn’t quite sure how all the seemingly simple tips and techniques would translate to increased sales.

SEO Results Example

The SEO optimization I implemented for the winery was very rudimentary and mostly focused toward the blog.  We generated keyword lists using Google’s keyword tool and focused on long tail words we could quickly make a presence on, such as Walla Walla Carmenere (very specific). I used many of the techniques presented by Anvil Media last class such as sprinkling key words in the title, subtitle, body, URL, hyperlinks and images.  The exciting part, for me, was seeing the result of this strategic blogging come to fruition when our ’07 Merlot sold out in record time.

SEO can be Overwhelming

I knew that my knowledge of SEO was very limited, which is part of why I was so excited about this class. Even still, I was surprised last class about how many simple, easily implemented techniques were new to me last class. Echoing the sentiments of some other posts, it can be overwhelming to try to sift through the vast amounts of information and opinions available to achieve a basic understanding of SEO.

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