Posted by: jessica | February 18, 2012

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

My aha moment from last Saturday was the fact that marketing has now become this 8-headed monster that can very quickly get out of control and create chaos for a company’s messaging strategies. This may not be a revelation to many of you but I am certainly fascinated by it. With social media, SEO, blogs, internal news-feeds, press releases, sales forces, traditional advertising, and the multitude of Internet advertising available to organizations, I can imagine that many business owners’ heads are spinning! If you get lucky and actually get your message out consistently among all channels, keeping up with the changing technology, your competitors, and monitoring your results can still become a huge challenge. I like what Hubspot is doing and wonder how effective it is, especially for small business owners who may be trying to manage a comprehensive marketing strategy on limited staff and resources. I’ve attached a link to Hubspot’s Youtube video if anyone is interested.

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