Posted by: slee3324 | February 17, 2012

Get ‘er Done

 As I entered my office building this morning, my eyes quickly focused on the flyer posted to the elevator wall that read, “KP launches hospital services website.” I was struck by surprise to see that our new external website had gone live overnight. I have worked as a member of a multidisciplinary communications team over the past year to develop this website and the launch was a huge milestone for our region.

When I finally reached my office on the 8th floor, I quickly logged into my computer and BOOM the first thing appearing in my inbox was an email to all of our employees announcing the website launch. I clicked on the link to read more about the story and was redirected to a prominent space on our internal intranet website where a catchy heading forced me to read on.

The point of this story being, we did a stellar job at letting our employees know about the website launch. However, we did a poor job at informing the general public—our target audience. The same question has haunted my thoughts throughout the day—How is our audience going to find us?

I strongly believe that with every failure comes an opportunity—a chance to improve. And, I see an opportunity to apply SEO to our website. I’m excited to uncover the many opportunities for optimizing our website and driving user traffic through SEO. The Anvil Media presentation from last week’s class evoked a sense of “get ‘er done” vivacity within me. I’m thrilled to be learning more about SEO and all of its capabilities.

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