Posted by: jessica | November 21, 2011

The Rejuvenation of the Left

McChesney suggests that a reform of media really comes down to a “battle over whether people or corporations, public interest or private profit, should rule the realm of communication”.  He goes on to say that this will ultimately lead to a “direct confrontation with capital”.  And finally something hopeful- “by blasting open the media it will make it possible for progressive media to have a chance to succeed and contribute to generating a stronger and more vibrant political culture, which likely will mean a rejuvenated Left.”  

Having seen “Miss Representation” on Friday night (which is a must see for those of you in this class), I’m compelled to act more than ever.  McChesney says, “The strength of the corporate status quo was not that it was so popular or democratic, but, rather, that it cultivated the notion that there was no alternative to the status quo”.  The media objectify the female body and very often reduce powerful women to nothing more than sex objects because they “think” that is what we want and care about?  And “we” accept it as “status quo”, but how do we make it clear that we don’t just not care about that but that it is unacceptable and that we won’t stand for it?  The film suggests boycotting films that objectify women and using our purchasing power to deliver the message that this isn’t okay.  Educators and politicians also need to be encouraged to teach media awareness and to regulate the media.  Slowly reform will come.  The status quo is clearly no longer acceptable to many many Americans.  I believe that a paradigm shift is happening and that it is only a matter of time.  I am hopeful.

Discussion Questions:

What do you think McChesney means by a “rejuvenated Left”?

Do you believe things are changing?  Do you see positive trends?  

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