Posted by: rovingrebel | November 21, 2011

Experience, Instinct, Connection, Participation Equals Real Democracy

As I finished McChesney this week I was pleasantly reminded that a few good people sticking to what their experience, the lessons of history, and instincts tell while making connection with others in all size forums can make real change. Not to mention preventing colossal errors in public policy with irreversible consequences stretching generations into the future. Copps and Adelstein worked to provide forums where the public could both learn about the intended FCC changes and voice their thoughts on the matter. 2.3 million comments and many forums later the changes were overturned as the voice of the public was heard on an issue many in governments previously thought no one really cared about or understood.

I would argue that the issues of media power via ownership, diversity of views, relevance to community and the dangers of continued media consolidation are understood on both and instinctual and experiential level by people. One only has to look around one’s home, out in the street, or at other mass transit commuters to understand the power that media and by extension its owners have in society. Therefore even if one does not understand every point made, or have time to read every word published, we know the media is not doing all we want or need it too. We also know we don’t see a lot or any of ourselves and our experiences in the media. This fight against media conglomeration is far from over and will, no doubt reappear in many forms to come.

Questions For Discussion:

The question is will we, the public, be able and willing to continue the fight in the long haul as more real day-to-day survival problems stay in the forefront worries?


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