Posted by: lmbshepard | November 21, 2011

The Message Matters

McChesney closes The Political Economy of Media with four issues facing the media reform movement.  I would add a fifth issue to the list the media reform movement should tackle. If the self-appointed leaders of this movement want  the general public to be engaged in these critical issues they must frame the issue in terms that are more accessible to the average citizen.  McChesney gets it right on page 497 when he explains net neutrality. I am not suggesting the movement dumb down the discourse, rather I am suggesting the messages be framed in terms that make these issues relevant to the common man/woman and they life he/she leads.  I believe the leaders of this movement are alienating the very people they want to rise up and help change the system.


McChesney writes that the “academic nature of the political economy of media in the United States was frustrating to for many of us…” Doesn’t McChesney realize he is part of what is frustrating?

McChesney writes about how the 1999 deaths of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and her sister turned televisions into “virtual aquariums” while events like the WTO can’t worm its way into the news hole.  If news editors can call hours of empty ocean news then really what chance does the real news have?


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