Posted by: adinagr | May 30, 2011

QR Codes Taking Resumes to New Level

By: Crystal Greenberg

As if getting a job or an internship in any field wasn’t competitive enough these days, Victor Petit just took the resume, to a whole new level. Victor Petit while trying to figure out what made him stick, decided to put a picture of himself on the back of his resume with a picture of an iPhone with a QR Code on the screen, over his mouth. When the HR person sorting through applications uses their QR Code app. on their iPhone (hopefully they have one) they are directed to an image of Petit’s mouth, which is a YouTube video, and takes personalizing a resume to a whole new level.

In a time where everyone is trying to stand out among their peers to show who is better and who will be a bigger asset to a company Petit is thinking ahead and showing what’s possible. As students and people soon entering into the working world, trying to make ourselves stick and stand out is one of the hardest parts. The new generation of college graduates with degrees in Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, and Communications and other social media and technology focused majors, are for the most part, very experienced in various social being able to put “knowledge in social media” on your resume isn’t enough anymore. Petit has proven himself to be an influencer and a thinker with his innovative resume.

By showing his ability to think outside the box, Petit has shown his ability to listen to the demand employers who need more from applicants in a way of differentiating themselves. We can’t just be listeners and monitors when we are in the work force looking for our company’s name to pop up but we need to be listening and monitoring what’s big and new in the world of social media and technology and how they work together in order to even get the job. I am curious to see how many people catch on and start putting QR Codes on their resumes and also to see the reactions of HR people. New technology is among us and we are part of a generation in which technology is constantly changing and we are all expected to keep up and be experts in all of it when applying for jobs. Listening to, and monitoring what, the new up and coming technologies are will ensure that we will be able to stand out above all other applicants and prove that we are right person for the job.

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