Posted by: Dana Nicholson | May 29, 2011

Blogging for Profit

I came across this article from the New York Times about different ways bloggers are making enough revenue to support themselves and their families.  Since we all are now experienced bloggers I figured this was something we all could maybe use one day because honestly, how awesome would it be to blog for a living?

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The article talks about more than just sidebar advertising as a source of revenue.  One of the most effective methods is to implant a link to a vendor offering the product or service you are blogging about, called contextual ads.  Selling merchandise and uploading videos promoting products are other ways bloggers get paid for blogging.

A book deal is the holy grail for bloggers.  Most of us have probably seen Julie and Julia, the movie about a food blogger who worked her way through Julia Child’s cookbook.  Well, both int he film and real life her blog was turned into a book.  Making that type of money first means that we need to become influencers, and in the words of Donna Z. Davis “mavens of our chosen industry.”  It will be challenging getting to the point where we can be full-time bloggers; but the good news is that we all have something to strive for when it comes to our blogs.

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