Posted by: madisonbalk | May 30, 2011

Technological Generation.. Younger than Expected

Saturday night, I went to my grandma’s birthday party. While I was there, my 8-year-old cousin, Jordan, would NOT stop talking about his iPod and iPhone. He took me on a “tour” of all of the special features and applications that he has on his ipod. While the tour lasted well over 20 minutes, I was shocked at how much this child knew about technology.

“The IPS technology on the iPhone is one like none other; this phone is the strategic communicator of the future,” Jordan said.

IPS technology? Strategic communicator? When I was 8 years old the biggest word in my vocabulary was Nickelodeon. How did this young boy know so much about technology? When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he simply replied, “The CEO of Apple.”

What caused Jordan to become so obsessed with this “toy”? Because he downloaded over 200 applications, he had to delete all of his music. This fact requires us to re-evaluate our views on the primary use of the iPod. Maybe the iPod is evolving into something way more than a music device. As Apple’s target audience and consumers get younger, the company is forced to establish “toys” and products that will appeal to this younger age.

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