Posted by: hwsmith | April 17, 2011

Is Facebook getting too creepy?

As Facebook drifts farther away from its original purpose of being strictly for college students, users may find themselves questioning whether their privacy is at risk. With social networking sites becoming the main medium for communication, it seems that everyone from parents, to faculty, to potential employers, to even advertisers are accessing and screening these sites.  A recent blog post on explains the new applications available for users on Facebook, and how some people may find them to be creepy. The first application allows people to check-in at events, instead of just places. This means people can check-in at homes, parties, and concerts whether or not the homeowner or party planner allows it. The second application available for Facebook lets users tag their friends clothing and find out what they are wearing and where the article of clothing comes from. The application immediately connects the user to the online shopping site once the user being tagged has confirmed the store. I feel like both these applications tell too much about a person and are borderline creepy. Facebook offers access to private information about a person that is not necessary to put on the internet. Users now have to be extra cautious of what they put on their profiles and understand that their information is available to anyone regardless if the user grants permission.


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