Posted by: Nic Corpora | April 17, 2011

Highlights From Kathy Fleming Presentation

On Thursday, April 14, our J452 class had the privilege to listen to Brand Strategist Kathy Fleming of U.S. Preventative Medicine, who discussed how her company uses Integrated Marketing Communications to grow a power brand. I thought the presentation was insightful, engaging, and afterwards I spent some time thinking about the areas where I can improve my communication methods.

Ms. Fleming told the audience that her job responsibilities are to build the brand, develop the character of the brand and position the brand as experts in the field. In order to do this, she said they needed a plan that would foster company growth and set up consistent messaging across each audience. As she presented her communication plan to us, I was very impressed with the language of the plan. It was well written, clear, concise and achievable. I quickly wrote the tactics and strategies verbatim, because I think they will be useful resources as I develop communication plans in the future.

Just before the end of her presentation, Ms. Fleming left us with 15 of her Communication Commandments. I think everyone strategically communicating should take note of these. Each commandment prefaced with “Thou Shall…”

  1. Do Research
  2. Plan
  3. Have A Written Plan
  4. Take Action
  5. Be Different, But Look Alike
  6. Keep It Simple
  7. Be Memorable
  8. Find A Way
  9. Emphasize “What’s In It For Me”
  10. Employ Excellent Graphic Design
  11. Tell Compelling Stories
  12. Communicate Often
  13. Maximize Communication Dollars
  14. Live The Brand
  15. Never Forget The Bottom Line

Written By: Nic Corpora


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