Posted by: lennabo | April 16, 2011

T-Mobile gets Royal Dance

We all remember the famous Jill and Kevin’s Big Day YouTube video that went viral almost instantly.  The video was famous for a wedding that was unique for dancing through the reception to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” Why were people so drawn to this video? The aspect of fun and creativity and a sense of “togetherness” was what T-Mobile carried away from this video.  T-Mobile decided that a great way to celebrate the Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding on April 29th would be to do a video satire of the Big Day Youtube video. The video consisted of Royal look-a-likes, along the would be Archbishop of Canterbury while they all dance down the aisle to “House of Love” by a boy band, East 17. At the end of the video with a variation of T-Mobile’s tagline, “One’s Life for Sharing.” I thought this was a cool fun way to promote T-Mobile, but then I thought, didn’t T-Mobile just get bought out by AT&T? Could this be interpreted as a wedding between T-Mobile and AT&T, as they show the public the acceptance of their love? One thing’s for sure, this video is going to create lots of room for interpretation.

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