Posted by: sarahbrown90 | April 16, 2011

Rebecca “Viral” Black

We all know the words to the ridiculously catchy song “Friday” by Rebecca Black. The 13-year-old became an overnight sensation from youtube. “Friday” quickly became everyone’s favorite song to make fun of. In days there were already remakes and parody versions of the song. Currently there are 104,766,179 views. Crazy right? This is a great example of how social media has changed our world. Things spread like wildfire on the internet nowadays because of social media sites like Facebook, youtube and of course Twitter, where #RebeccaBlack was a trending topic for two weeks straight. Social media has made it so easy for us to inform others of what is going on with our lives as well as what’s going on with the world around us. Although it is hard for me to admit, Rebecca Black has become an online sensation. Like it or not she has gone viral and won’t be going anywhere as long as people continue to contribute to her fame that people enjoy poking fun at so much.

The original, in case you haven’t seen it (I highly doubt that is the case though).

One of the many parody’s of “Friday,” and in my opinion the best one that has been done.

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