Posted by: Jen J. Ashley | April 11, 2011

Manners: Are They Dead?

“Chivalry is dead”. This sentiment has been spoken before. I personally believe it is an excuse for a modern day man to not hold himself to the “old-fashioned” standard of treating a woman right. However, this belief is far and wide spread. With chivalry being an “endangered species” so to speak, then where does that leave it’s first cousin, manners?

With the way the world communicates rapidly changing, proper etiquette is having difficulty keeping up. I have personally received only one thank-you letter in the mail from a gift I sent. (From an older cousin’s wedding gift.) If I call a friend on the phone and miss them I will most likely just receive a “hey. sorry I was busy. wat up?” text reply. Manners were more enforced and reciprocated before the recent technology “boom”.

I do not suffer from “technophobia”. I embrace and welcome new forms of communication. I personally just question its impact on society. Manners are still important. Now more than ever they are respected and remembered. Who does not appreciate a quick phone call returned? Or a personal hand written or even a email thank you letter? Even dinner table manners are rapidly changing. By many in generation Y cell phone calls taken at the table are acceptable. How is that not rude? However, there is still hope.

With social media being young still manners have not had a chance to “catch up”. I believe that a new standard of manners will appear. Which is understandable. Different age, new way. Whatever becomes socially acceptable as proper etiquette, it needs to happen soon. Before manners join their first cousin on the endangered list.


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