Posted by: Emilie Hartvig | April 11, 2011

Facebook and Twitter: How do you brand yourself?

Social media is often used by businesses to cultivate a brand image. However, this is not exclusive to individuals who also use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to create their own image for others to see.

When I use my Facebook and Twitter, I display a specific side of me. I utilize my wits and often write posts that I think will interest people. I make sure to post pictures where alcohol is not visible. When I make Facebook statuses, I hope to get responses. This seems to be true for a lot of my peers who also have these accounts.

The use of these social media sites is not only a source for staying connected, but it is a way of presenting yourself at a certain angle. You are the creator of your site and you are in control of everything that you say. Facebook statuses, posts, and photos are posted so friends can see them.

That being said, I am looking at people in a different light. How do my friends present themselves on Facebook? What do they want people to see and what do they want people to know? The same goes for Twitter. What are people posting and is there an incentive behind these posts?

These people, with or without knowing it, are branding themselves. They are creating the person that he or she wants others to see. I have noticed in myself and in others that Facebook pages are changing as we grow up and go into the world outside of college and parental funds. Why is that? For me, I want to look more desirable to employers. I also want to set a level of respect for myself and from my fellow friends.

I am constantly being faced with this fact: once it is on the web, it is there to stay and will never truly be deleted. With this thought in mind, I am more conscious about how I present myself on the Internet. I am not saying I am holding myself back but I am definitely thinking before writing statuses, posting pictures, and tweeting.

It will be interesting to see whether personal and business social media become more alike or more different in the future. After all, you can think a personal page is private, but with the continuous growth of technology, you can be found by anyone who needs to find you. How will you brand yourself?


  1. A perfect example of how social media can “brand” or identify a person is through Rebecca Black’s attempt for fame. The aspiring pop star became an overnight Internet sensation when her YouTube video Friday was released. She instantly became the viral joke as people Tweeted, Facebooked, and blogged about her music video, declaring it “the worst video ever made.” Her repetitive lyrics are one part of the Internet bashing, but mainly people are making fun of the seriousness of the whole video. Black would have gotten a more positive response if she created the video as a joke or produced it herself, however, she hired a production company that created a semi-professional video for wannabe pop stars. Her name quickly became the laughing joke spread across the Internet in all social media forms.
    Although her hope of becoming the next Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber may have backfired, she has become an Internet sensation and is publicly recognized. It just goes to show how fast word travels over the Internet and how one seemingly innocent video can completely transform a person’s life. Black may have thought her video would reach the rankings of iTunes, but instead her name and video have trended across the Internet as a musical disgrace. Rebecca Black’s story is an important reminder that once something is posted viral it is out there for the public to see. Black has to now face the repercussions and deal with social criticism, as she will forever be branded as the artists of the worst song ever produced.

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