Posted by: deniseschenasi | April 10, 2011

SocialEyes: a video service for facebook

Recently, something called “SocialEyes” has continued to randomly pop up on my facebook newsfeed. I chose to ignore the comments and discussions about it, assuming it was just another useless facebook app. Today, I finally decided to investigate what exactly “SocialEyes” is.

Not surprisingly, facebook has added another new networking feature. SocialEyes is a new, two-way video chat service that allows for multiperson conversations. To use SocialEyes, a user connects with his or her facebook and it instantly brings live video for several people at once to “collaborate about work, chat about common interests, or even learn to play an instrument remotely.”

According to the website, SocialEyes is a simple, social, and free way to chat with others. It allows for multiperson calls to connect to friends or join in on group multiperson conversations with those who share common interests. This new media is equipped to handle a conversation of three to six people at the same time, but has the capability to hold up to nine people in one chat. This results in an amusing, almost brady bunch type video imaging sequence. The video meetings can be set up through secret groups, open groups, and work groups.

It goes without saying that SocialEyes has some serious competition with Skype and other video chat programs. However, Skype often has many technical issues and other video chat programs require monthly fees. CEO of Social Eyes Robert Williams says, “Skype is about one-to-one, our is about larger, multiple conversations”.

This is an interesting new form of social media that has the possibility to link many facebook users, friends, and strangers, through a new form of video chatting that is unique from programs like Skype.

If interested, start “joining the conversation” here.





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