Posted by: lennabo | April 10, 2011

IPad offers direction

A business and technology consulting firm, the Burwood Group has created a new app  focusing for the IPad that focuses on strategy development, Strategic Architect. This app is great for businesses that need to find direction and alignment when working in a fast-paced environment so the company can stay on track for meeting its goals.

This is a really cool new app because it helps break down strategic planning and communication in a simple way that can be used across a large organization. Communication in certainly one of the largest issues when dealing with big businesses, communicating effectively is to each member of the team can be a challenge so by utilizing this tool, will become very beneficial for any large business.

The Strategy Architect can help fix this alignment problem by providing…

  • A mobile tool that enables cross organizational communication of high-level strategic initiatives
  • A mechanism to publish specific business unit strategy over time in real-time
  • A corporate communication tool capable of adapting quickly in a fast past industry, regardless of organizational size
  • A means to develop effective budgets and resource plans against long term, strategic plans

This app makes it really easy for business managers to create a “roadmap” in order to strategically communicate and execute plans.

Jeff Hartweg, Vice President of the Consulting Group at Burwood says “It is the first true business application that takes full advantage of the power and portability of iPad”


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