Posted by: sarahbrown90 | April 10, 2011

Leaked Memo Releases Google’s Efforts to Improve Social Networking

Everyone these days is using some sort of social media and realizing how big of an impact it is having on our society. Most recently, a memo for Google employees regarding social networking has been leaked.

Google’s new CEO Larry Page is making efforts to improve the companies social media use. Just days after receiving his position, Page sent out a company-wide memo explaining the bonuses that will be directly tied to the companies social media success. The memo was leaked by Business Insider.

According to the leaked memo posted online, bonuses will depend on how well the company does on its “strategy to integrate relationships, sharing and identity across our products. If we’re successful, your bonus could be up to 25% bigger. If not, your bonus could be up to 25% less than target.”

Is this a good way to motivate employees to improve social networking and online relationships? It definitely shows how serious Page is about going forward with social media and how he wants it to be just as important to every Google employee.

Some believe that Google might be heading in the direction of creating its own type of social network to compete with Facebook while others believe they are heading in the direction of online gaming. Nothing is certain yet. Everything is still up in the air while we wait to see what Google decides to do.

Whether or not this is a good idea, it shows the initiative Google wants to take by becoming bigger contributers in social networking and making for sure it is a priority for all of its employees. This is a great example of how important social media and social networking sites have become.


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