Posted by: kgraven | March 9, 2011

Living Social

I was sitting at my house trying to figure out what to write about when my iPhone literally gave me an idea. I was listing to Pandora radio and every five or so songs there is a commercial break talking about LivingSocial. Normally I would try to avoid most forms of advertising by getting up or fast forwarding them on TV. But this is something you can’t skip unless you buy the year subscription. So after hearing the ten or fifteen second advertisement about three times, I decided to check out what this was all about. Discovering it was actually a great thing for anyone trying to save some money. It provides daily deals offering a 50% or more discount off local businesses. Using very short commercials to advertise their message was bearable and stuck in my head. It did its job of getting me to look further into it. Eventually I bought a Mexican food certificate worth $25 and only paid $12. So if you are looking for daily deals to save you a dollar or two, check out Have you ever heard of LivingSocial? If so where?  What do you think of their advertising method?



  1. I was a hug fan of Living Social, when the idea was first starting to gain momentum and followers. However, like all things that are ‘trendy’ I feel it has really lost its relevance because of all the new ‘fine print’ rules on when these coupons can be used. Before it blew up in popularity, Living Social didn’t have many stipulations attached to coupons purchased, there was no ‘must use by’ or ‘only valid on’ notices. However, on almost all the coupons I have considered purchasing, there are too many restrictions for it to be worth it. For example, the other day I almost bought a 50% off coupon for a mexican restaurant in the Eugene area, however when I read the fine print at the bottom it had to be used by the next business day – and over 3,000 people had purchased the coupon already! Good luck getting a reservation to that one…

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