Posted by: austingraceblythe | March 10, 2011

Warner Brother Studio Tests Renting Movies on Facebook:

Really? Really?

Warner Brother Studios has just announced plans to rent movies on Facebook. Their trial became a reality when they allowed Facebook users to rent the film ‘The Dark Knight’ on Facebook using credits (Facebook’s virtual currency). The trial was successful and has encouraged Warner Brothers to move ahead with their plans to make this a permanent part of the social networking site. Once this capability is launched, however, it will change renting payment from virtual currency to real currency (using the likes of Paypal) in order to make a buck or two.

Warner Brothers is obviously excited about this new partnership, but so is Facebook, “we’re looking forward to seeing the new and interesting ways that developers and partners use Credits to offer virtual and digital goods in the future,” Jonathan Thaw, a Facebook spokesman, said in a statement. Digital goods? Thats pretty broad.

After the addition of movies, music will follow and before we know it Facebook will consume our every digital move.

This is getting a bit ridiculous.

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