Posted by: kelseyhelgeson | March 8, 2011

Need an Internship? Charlie Sheen is Looking for a Social Media Intern!

As most of you know, the last week has been a Charlie Sheen media storm. He has taken on the media with his warlock skills. While he thinks he’s winning, the results of his media ambush are obviously negative. His long time PR guy quit and he’s been fired from Two and A Half Men. If you’ve missed out on seeing his erratic interviews, here’s a little taste:

If you’re not one to shy away from a challenge, Charlie Sheen is looking for a social media intern. After taking this class, I’m sure we are all prepared and could flourish as Charlie’s intern. The internship is 8 weeks during the summer, and it’s paid! Charlie is looking for an intern with some specific qualities. You must have a fair amount of tiger blood and be pro-winning.  You can apply here.

The application is short and sweet. Create a sticky message in 75 characters or less (about half of a twitter post) telling Charlie and his team why YOU should be his intern.

Good luck!

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