Posted by: Ashley Sanders | February 25, 2011

The Power of Social Media

We talk about the power of social media in class a lot. Without social media, the riots in Egypt would not have been captured for the world to see. It’s an amazing and powerful tool that can connect and help people. I read on Mashable that a filmmaker named Jigar Mehta  is going to create a documentary of the  riots in Egypt ending in Mubarak stepping down with social media footage. He is starting a project to collect all the videos that people took during the 18 day revolution. He has a few different ideas of what to do with the footage: he may make the narrative involve a timeline, place the viewer at a specific location to observe what is going on, or create a customized video depending on what the user wants to experience. Those are just a few of his ideas. He is still brainstorming ways to portray the social media in a documentary film. I would love to see this documentary. Here is the full article if you want to read it.


  1. Interesting, as technology continues to increase the possibilities for everyday people to capture events or subjects on video, social media or photo becomes more and more available. While this can be considered a good thing, because it will increase the amount of information being streamed through the internet, it could also be quite difficult for the public to decipher valid and honest information based on the source.

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