Posted by: austingraceblythe | February 22, 2011

Airlines beginning to Offer Free WiFi Inflight

During a recent trip south, while flying Alaska Airlines, I was more than happy to hear that their airline was now offering free WiFi for its travelers. Internet in the air has been available for quite some time, however, it was always dramatically over priced and very slow. Expecting the latter to still be true, I connected to the free WiFi Alaska Airlines was offering and was rather pleased with the speed and ability to connect to all of my social media, e-mail and favorite websites while I flew.

The gravity towards free WiFi Internet while flying will impact a large number of travelers who can accomplish so much more with their downtime 10,000 feet above ground. In the two hours that I was in the air, I finished a portion of my assignments for the following day – not too shabby!


  1. This is very exciting! Although I don’t fly frequently, this is a perk that might persuade me to purchase tickets with Alaska Airlines vs. any of their competitors. A great strategy that will help expand Alaska’s business; I will definitely investigate other airlines’ accoutrements before buying tickets next time.

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