Posted by: Nick McDonald | February 25, 2011

Using Facebook’s Full Potential

As we have talked about in class and as discussed in this Daily Dog post Facebook is a great tool for reaching audiences, but how do marketers utilize its full potential? Currently only 84 out of 100 of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands of 2010 have company-ran corporate Facebook pages, as opposed to fan-based or paid advertising created pages.

Although all of the 84 do constantly post, averaging nearly 24 entries a month, the originality of these posts seems to be lacking however. Most pages offered the basics with daily posts, responses to consumer questions, actively soliciting fan comments, and branded video content.

They failed to offer content that was created for Facebook, and I think that is something companies must start doing. By doing the basics and adding video that is reused from other sources just shows a their page followers that they don’t really care about using it to its full potential to reach its fans.

By creating some original video that is specifically for fans on Facebook it would encourage more interaction from the public. Also they need to let fans interact and participate fully on their pages.

“with only 39 percent soliciting photo submissions, 33 percent promoting contests, 39 percent posting polls and quizzes for fun, and an additional 32 percent posting surveys to gain consumer feedback.”

With less than half of these globally recognized brands using interactive strategies and tactics to communicate with their fans it is clear that Facebook has a potential that most corporate marketers don’t understand. Its not just about “likes” these days, companies are going to have to find ways to stand out from their competitors. By letting fans participate and interact it will give them a feeling of intimate familiarity with a company. The social media world brings negative comments and input, they shouldn’t be afraid of it effecting their image. Instead they should embrace it and use it to make their companies image stronger.

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