Posted by: Technology is changing us | February 25, 2011

Color Infograph

As we discuss designing our online portfolios and branding ourselves and our companies online, I stumbled across this color infograph via Kelli Matthews (via Test King) and thought it was a neat bit of information. I agree with the fact that when designing things we tend to overlook the influence of the colors we choose. I have noticed that I personally am drawn to certain colors and turn away from others – design really does matter. Whenever I am designing something online or in print, I think about my audience and what would work best with them. You don’t want to shock them in a negative way, but leave it too dull and you won’t get their attention either, I find myself always striving to find the balance!



  1. I think this is a really useful and creative way to explain both the use of different colors and the value of each color in different situations. The color swatches of the top websites definitely seem to be aligned with the messages that their respective colors convey, revealing that even the most simplistic factors should no be looked over in relations and gaining publicity.

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