Posted by: sytsma6 | February 25, 2011

Practitioners Struggle To Optimize Results

Social Media has already asserted itself as the new dominant tool of communications occupations. Being that the idea of using social media sites for business is relatively new, the public relations professional is now faced with the challenge of figuring out how to correctly use the tool. Here is a great study that investigates exactly how professionals in our field are using social media; or in some cases, not using it:

In summary of the article, it seems that PRSA is trying to push practitioners to target their strategic publics via blogs and social networking sites more consistently. The findings of the study showed that younger public relations professionals are more likely to utilize online social media. This is not surprising because most journalism schools are now teaching their students how to effectively communicate and use the new social media tools to their advantage.


  1. I have to agree with you last line about how school primarily focus on teaching students to effectively communicate and utilize social media tools. But do you think that maybe they push the matter to much. I have noticed just over my short college career that people are less likely to interact face to face and when they do conversations tend to be short. I wouldn’t think this would be a good, seeing that in order to get a job interviewing is still the way to present yourself. Yeah you may have all the social media computer screen training but can that effect your face to face interaction? Should schools implement more face to face communications to make a well rounded student?

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