Posted by: hatool | February 9, 2011

Using social media at work

I recently read Seth Godin’s blog post about using social media at work and I have to agree with Seth’s arguments. Yes – it’s okay to check out social media every once in a while, but when it’s time to do some “real work” it’s best to go offline.

Seth brings up a strong argument – social media is the easiest excuse: “I didn’t waste my time – I connected with friends.” But really when you need to get some real work done shut it all down, so that if you did nothing for an hour you’ll have a blank page to show for it and no excuses.

Or is it that I (like Seth) am from the previous generation and we just don’t get it…?



  1. Last week I posted up a status on Facebook that said, “write two sentences. facebook break. write two sentences. twitter break. write two sentences. e-mail break. write one sentence. facebook break. I think I’m making this paper twice as long to write.”

    The status quickly received many “likes” and comments. I didn’t realize so many people also developed these habits because of the many social media tools that are available to us. They are definitely a big distraction. The paper ended up taking me five hours to write, although I’m sure if I didn’t visit Facebook every time I got writer’s block, I would’ve finished the paper in two hours. With school work, the distraction is already bad, but if these habits were developed while trying to accomplish deadlines at work, I’m sure as an employee, a person would come off as extremely unprofessional. I’m hoping to drop this habit by the time I enter into the working world!

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