Posted by: therea1long | February 9, 2011

Facebook leads to divorce

Social media is a great way to find old friends and make new friends. It is also a way to see who your husband, wife, boyfriend, and girlfriend have been hanging out with, who they’ve been talking to, and what they have been up to. This is a recipe for disaster when people’s personal business is out there for just about anyone to access. It is no longer “he said” and “she said” but rather pictures and messages that can be used as proof in many cases of infidelity. Because of this facebook has led to divorces in many marriages.



  1. Although I agree that Facebook would be a terrible reason to get divorced, there are many other examples of people who experienced downfalls through Facebook. We’ve all heard of employers using social networking sites to monitor prospective employees, but usually we think of immoral or illegal acts that are revealed. The following story demonstrates that not only your drinking, gambling, drugs, or other illegal activities can keep you from getting a new job, but sometimes even your likes and interests. We visited the San Jose Sharks last spring on our annual class trip. The president of the team told us a story about a candidate who was hired, only to find out later that she was an absolute Sharks fanatic. Upon further investigation through online research and references, it was found that the candidate had relocated from her previous town in order to follow a player who was traded to San Jose. She wanted the job solely as a way to become closer to the player, almost in a “stalking” manner. Ultimately, it was her outward expressions of her fandom, through words and pictures on Facebook, that led to the investigation, and her eventual dismissal.

    In conclusion, it is important to think about what you are revealing about yourself as you engage in Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media. The bottom line is if in doubt, you probably should not write it or post it, as your doubt is probably rooted in reason.

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