Posted by: Tyson Winter | February 9, 2011

In Super Bowl Ads, Dogs Equal Success

Super Bowl 2011 is in the books, and it’s the one TV event a year when it seems there’s never  a good time to use the bathroom. It’s the Super Bowl, of course, and that means for one afternoon every year viewers can count on a lineup of commercials that are sure to entertain. But as much as we love our Super Bowl ads, it’s the advertisers’ motive more than ever on this Sunday to pitch their product in ways that will stick (it is, after all, the most-watched event of the year on television). According to early results from a Super Bowl Ad opinion poll, two commercials with dogs are being received best among the general public; proving the old PR legend that incorporating cute kids and cuddly animals are great tools when communicating to a mass audience. Interestingly, this was the first year in Super Bowl ad history that two ads tied for first place. Click the links below to view the two videos as well as the USA Today poll. Post on why it may be that animals can help out a campaign.


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