Posted by: therea1long | February 11, 2011

Smart Security in Social Media

These days it seems like everyone has some form of social media to stay connected to their friends and family. Social media has really blown into a worldwide phenomenon in the last couple years and seems to be only getting bigger. With so many people using these tools there are bound to be security issues, because so much personal information online is a hotbed for predators to take advantage. Facebook in particular can be a place where strangers can pull up anybody’s information and bio if the right security settings are not placed correctly. With that being said, here are some Facebook security tips for all you amateurs out there.



  1. This was a great posting. I liked the article and felt that it had some applicable information. Everyone should want to be as secure as possible in social media dealings. The systems of these websites are designed to allow people a little bit of access to your life if you allow it, but don’t give someone the chance to hurt you in any way.

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