Posted by: sytsma6 | January 24, 2011

Facebook Thoughts

I have a confession to make. I have been fighting “the man” and have (until now) resisted the urge to create a Facebook page for myself. I am quite convinced that  a person can continue to have a great social life without online social media. It was a matter of time though, now I will be forced to create one for class. It does not irritate me at all, I have nothing against Facebook; however, I have been considering what Facebook has become and what it all means.

Has Facebook become so dominant in the world of social media that it will be here to stay forever? Twitter surely poses no threat to it because the creators of Twitter ingeniously created a slightly different purpose for their website. With over 500 million users, Facebook is definitely winning the social media war. Will a person come along that makes a website that will put Facebook to shame? With technology increasing at incredible rates of speed, surely at some point in time a better site will be created. Fads come and go in relatively short amounts of time, and Facebook has been around since 2004. Maybe we are witnessing the Facebook era.

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