Posted by: hatool | January 24, 2011

Category Pages

I wanted to put my categories at the top row of my blog – as if they were pages. I remembered liking it on the Social Media B2B blog.

I found this post on WordPress tips pages which tells you which themes provide that capability. For example Enterprise, Motion, and Titan all use two header menus, one for pages the other for categories.

I am now using the Enterprise theme for my blog. This theme works great for this specific blog, but it’s not for every blog. This is the downside of this simple solution – it doesn’t allow you to choose whichever theme you want.

The other solutions that came up in my search were too complicated to implement with my busy schedule as they require previous knowledge on themes and templates which I don’t have.

Perhaps you blog-savvies out there have a better way of doing this?
I’d love to learn how.

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