Posted by: kelseyhelgeson | January 24, 2011

Social Media Trends

Social Media evolves rapidly, very rapidly. It’s important for us, as aspiring public relations professionals to keep up with social media trends as they evolve. What I find interesting, is the shift businesses (possible future employers) are making from traditional marketing to social media marketing. As social media continues to grow and change the way our society interacts with each other, companies are realizing that the best way to target their audience is to go online.

According to PRNewser, there are six big trends for social media in 2011:

Consumer use of social media is still rising: From December 2008 through May 2010, every age group increased its usage of social media. Boomers have experienced the most striking increase, from nine percent to 43 percent. Social media’s potential is strong as it has not yet reached a saturation point.

Prevalent use of social media by marketers: In 2011, 80 percent of marketers will use social media, and that is expected to rise to 88 percent by 2012. Back in 2008, only 42 percent were doing so. This growth has largely been driven by higher usage worldwide and the ongoing growth of Facebook.

Social media’s integration into all aspects of marketing: As marketers become more experienced with social media, they realize the need to incorporate it with their other initiatives. Williamson observed that rolling the social media function into existing departments is a more typical approach.

Social media’s growing share of marketing budgets: In 2010, 83 percent of marketers reported plans to increase their social media spending. Williamson noted that this often comes at the expense of traditional advertising budgets.

Location is more than checking in: While 33.2 million people currently use location based services, up from 12.3 million in 2009, this still represents fairly limited usage. According to Williamson’s data, usage is motivated more by the desire for deals and promotions than the urge to share one’s location.

End of top-down media websites: As content is being distributed across platforms, there has been less of a focus on driving traffic to a single site. Williamson said other tools such asFlipboard on the iPad have become effective ways to personalize media brands.

It’s evident that social media isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay and has already made monumental changes to how businesses attract attention and customers. It’s important to pay attention to how companies and businesses are moving to meet the needs and expectations of their target audience in an ever-changing social media world.

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