Posted by: fnanbe | October 9, 2017

News Engagement Day: Trump visits Puerto Rico, throws paper towels to a crowd


Video Clip:

Two long weeks after hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump and FLOTUS visit the island to give out supplies. During Trumps visits at a relief center in San Juan, he shares supplies with the survivors by throwing paper towels in the crowd.

I shared the story with my father, my friend Brianna, my younger brother, and my brother-in-law. All very opinionated, and engage with media in different capacities.

I showed my father a video clip of the incident and prefaced it with nothing more than, “Dad, Trump finally went to Puerto Rico. This is a clip of his time there…” No more than 10 seconds after watching the clip, my father shouts out, “Bullshit!”

I sent my best friend Brianna a link to the article on NBC News. She responds instantaneously with shock and disgust. She used profanity to describe her feelings, so I chose to keep her response private.

I shared the news with my younger brother, Yosief, via Instagram. His response, “wow”. He also included an emoji to depict his mood; irritated and disgusted. His response was short but I knew that part of this was because he was tired of Trump’s shenanigans.

I showed my brother-in-law, Marion, the same clip I showed my dad. But this time, I gave more context. He watched in disbelief. He asked, “Are those T-shirts?” When I explained what he was actually throwing, he responded, “is this a joke…does he think he’s at a basketball game?”


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