Posted by: pho307 | November 9, 2015

What is the real news?


Media organizations need to make profit so they can survive in the world. It means, sometimes, media organizations may not represent real news because they speak for their interest group. For long-term thinking, the public need to hear more real news.

What is the real news? As a journalism student, I think about this question every day. Everyone may have their own answers, because we all have our agenda. Every time when you search news online, you already knew where you would go and what kind of news you would read.

According to the authors of , Mediating the Message in the 21st Century, in Chapter 7, “Prominence and importance, conflict and controversy, the unusual, human interest, timeless, proximity”are the defining attributes of news (S&R, p.171). Long run news is one of the examples.

The long news is defined as the news stories that still matter to the public in a long run, according to Kirk Citron, a media expert and the editor of The Long News.

He gives long news example: “People are having trouble feeding 6 billion today. How people is going to feed 9 billion people in the future?” According to the Science Daily, 1.02 billion people hungry.


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