Posted by: tamgalcook | November 9, 2015

Changes in How We Read

Have Kindles, IPads and tablets replaced paperbacks? While on vacation, I watched sunbathers around the pool reading books, paper books…a majority of the holders of these books were a generation my parent’s age. The younger generation around the pool was reading via their cell phones or tablets and they may have been using social media not necessarily reading a book.

My question is will books be replaced by new technology, like the internet as the main source for reading and information? Research shows the increased use of households with internet access.  In 2007, 19% of the world’s population used the internet. In 2014, there were 2, 925, 249, 355 internet users meaning 40.4% of the world population has acquired internet access.  (

Additionally, how we approach research is changing as well.  Do we still use printed material? Finding sources online is quick and often a good resource for students and readers. It seems modern technology is more convenient and efficient. I believe that time drives what media choice a person prefers. “…print is now the least used, lagging well behind television, computers and radio.” (Carr)

How do you read?

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