Posted by: theartspj | November 2, 2015

The New Yorker Radio Hour

As someone who is a fan of The New Yorker magazine, but doesn’t tend to read it online, and is too cheap to buy a subscription, I’m really excited about the launch of WNYC’s The New Yorker Radio Hour (NYRH). If we consider Jenkins, Ford, and Green’s criteria for what constitutes media that is more likely to spread, The New Yorker just upped it’s chances of spreadability significantly by branching out of the field of literary magazines, and entering into the world of radio (and podcasting) in partnership with one of the most reputable, and listened to NPR affiliates in the country.

On its page on the WNYC website, the NYRH producers state that the show “is not a radio version of the magazine, but something entirely its own…” That’s great, but the radio program still draws from its parent magazine stories, interviews, profiles and other creative material that is “easily reusable.” In this regard, by affiliation The New Yorker magazine is absolutely making itself more likely to be spread. The WNYC program is only a week old, but it is already portable, and available when and where audiences want it (online). By being weekly and relevant to current goings on it will undoubtedly contribute to a steady stream of material, and much like the magazine, will capture multiple audiences.

Although the show is still under development, it has tremendous potential for success and spreadability in this new medium! Tune in, y’all!


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