Posted by: whatbrettsays | November 2, 2015

Supporting creator- distributed media- that’s also free to fans!

Chirault Web Comic, created by Ally Rom Colthoff

Chirault Web Comic, created by Ally Rom Colthoff

The reading in Chapter Six, Courting Supporters for Independent Media, struck a chord with me, especially when the authors referenced Scott McCloud’s book, Reinventing Comics. I thought immediately of one of my favorite web-based comics, Chirault. Created as a side project by Ally Rom Colthoff nearly a decade ago, Colthoff has always asserted that the comic remains free to fans. She does accept pledges from patrons, the money of which goes to replacing art supplies and hosting her website. The popularity of the comic has increased quite significantly over the past few years, and when fans inquired as to whether a print version would be made available, a Kickstarter campaign was created. It was very successful, and a new campaign has been launched to support a second volume.

I really enjoy when independent creators are able to continue creating what they love, with the support of the fan community. And while the artwork and story are top-notch, the popularity of Chirault has much to do with Colthoff’s insistence that her work remain free for anyone to enjoy.

Does anyone else have examples of creator-distributed media, free or otherwise?


  1. Hey. I just read this post and have been sitting here, thinking, and trying to come up with some forms of creator-distributed media that I’ve experienced. I for sure have, and I will keep updating this post when I finally remember the ones that I’ve been trying to think of, but this led me to think of something else. Even though it might be different, I thought that I’d mention it, possibly to spark discussion, or so forth, especially because this is more of a stream-of-consciousness type of blog. Anyway, I am thinking about Starbucks, and how they’ve really locked me in, as a customer and into their whole ecosystem. This is specifically in reference to the app that I use every time, and how I’m so motivated right now to get to my 12th Gold Star, which is when I get a free drink or other reward. Like, really? Why am I so excited about a free 4-dollar drink (max.) or whatever? Game-ification. They got me!

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