Posted by: Jamie Ann | May 13, 2015

Kama-Kama-Kama-Kardashian… You come and duck pose…. Sung to Culture Club’s Karma Chemeleon

And then there’s this… The Atlantic reviews Kim Kardashian’s recent 448-page selfie book, Selfish. She’s a brand and she’s a machine. Interesting article that makes me wonder about a lot of things, including who would buy the book, why it was published, and why do I care enought to have read the review and blog about it?


  1. Ok first of all, that is a fantastic headline. Second, you are right about Kim K. She’s a shameless self-promoter, and no matter how awful she seems or how little she actually contributes to society, people eat it up. I’m curious what you would say is her brand promise or story though? She’s clearly very successful, but what is it that people are actually buying? What do you get when you buy Kim Kardashian’s selfie book?

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