Posted by: Donna Z. Davis, Ph.D. | May 12, 2015

Is this the new “body language?”

What do you think? (Today, from eMarketer) Be sure to read on… full story link at bottom.

Who Needs Words When You Have Emojis?

Half of Instagram comments and captions contain emojis

May 12, 2015

Are emojis the new “internet slang” (a title once held by acronyms such as LOL)? Based on recent data from Digiday, the answer is yes. According to Swyft Media, 6 billion emoticons or stickers are sent every day via mobile messaging apps worldwide.

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  1. Internet slang…or symbols that convey a complex message? Emoticons provide clarified meaning to a fluid conversation. These discourse particles can serve as quasi-nonverbal cues, all within a text conversation. Are emoticons symbols that are revolutionizing a written language?


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